Dupen Lights

Brands Dupen Wall Units, Desks, Consoles, Mirrors, Spain Dupen Lights

Table and floor lamps
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Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs Quantity

LF-4181-W1W White

LF-4181-W1W White Dia 58x175 cm

FL-3009 Chrom

FL-3009 Chrom Dia 35x215 cm

LF-13030WH White

LF-13030WH White 50x145x185 cm

LF-10059WH White

LF-10059WH White 50x175x185 cm

LF-12002WH White

LF-12002WH White 38x95x165 cm

FL-15004WH White

FL-15004WH White 50x110x185 cm

LF-13054WH White

LF-13054WH White 30x100x150 cm

LF-10047WH White

LF-10047WH White Dia 33x165 cm

LF-3262-W1 White

LF-3262-W1 White 30x174,6 cm

LF-8089-1NW Chrome

LF-8089-1NW Chrome 229+33.5+225 cm

LH4175S-W1 White / Blanco

LH4175S-W1 White / Blanco Diametr 40 cm

LH4175S-G1 Gold/Dorado

LH4175S-G1 Gold/Dorado Diametr 40 cm

FL-12032WH White+Gold

FL-12032WH White+Gold Dia 53x163 cm

FL-12032BK Black+Gold

FL-12032BK Black+Gold Dia 53x163 cm

LH4175M-W1 White / Blanco

LH4175M-W1 White / Blanco Diameter 59 cm

LH4175M-G1 Gold/Dorado

LH4175M-G1 Gold/Dorado Diameter 59 cm

LF3538-R1 Red

LF3538-R1 Red 31,8x19,6x128,5 cm

LF3538-W1 White

LF3538-W1 White 31,8x19,6x128,5 cm

LF3538-B1 Blue

LF3538-B1 Blue 31,8x19,6x128,5 cm

LF3538-K1 Black

LF3538-K1 Black 31,8x19,6x128,5 cm

LT3538-R1 Red

LT3538-R1 Red 29x15x53,7 cm

LT3538-W1 White

LT3538-W1 White 29x15x53,7 cm

LT3538-B1 Blue

LT3538-B1 Blue 29x15x53,7 cm

LT3538-K1 Black

LT3538-K1 Black 29x15x53,7 cm

LT4217-Y1 Yellow

LT4217-Y1 Yellow Dia 18,5x26 cm

LT4217-C1 Clear

LT4217-C1 Clear Dia 18,5x26 cm

LT4217-W1 White

LT4217-W1 White Dia 18,5x26 cm

TL-15004WH White

TL-15004WH White 20x40x58 cm

LT-4177-C1C Clear

LT-4177-C1C Clear Dia 17,8x30 cm

LT-4177-C1R Red

LT-4177-C1R Red Dia 17,8x30 cm

LT-4177-C1B Blue

LT-4177-C1B Blue Dia 17,8x30 cm

LT-2074M-N1K Black

LT-2074M-N1K Black Dia 33x42,5 cm

LT-4070-C1C Clear

LT-4070-C1C Clear Dia 23,4x42,6 cm

LT-4070-P1P Blue

LT-4070-P1P Blue Dia 23,4x42,6 cm

LT-3130M-G1G Gold

LT-3130M-G1G Gold Dia 18x56,2cm

LT-3130M-C1C Chrome

LT-3130M-C1C Chrome Dia 18x56,2cm

LT-3130L-C1C Chrome

LT-3130L-C1C Chrome Dia 25x80 cm

LT-3130L-G1G Gold

LT-3130L-G1G Gold Dia 25x80 cm


LT-2271-C1K Dia 30x67,5 cm

TO-9123 Crome

TO-9123 Crome Dia 30x55 cm


TO-8153 Dia 30,5x60 cm


Dia 37,6x68 cm

6010-C1 Clear

Dia 24,2x50,8 cm

6010-K1 Black

Dia 24,2x50,8 cm

LT-2294-C1W Silver

LT-2294-C1W Silver Dia 35x82 cm

LT-13086WH White

22x60x69 cm

LN6010-C1 Clear

Ceiling lamp Dia 24,2x90 cm

LT-12041WH White

Dia 21x50 cm

LT3574-W1 White

42x15x28 cm

LF-9908-N1S Chrome

232,4x40x230 cm

LN-3266-W1 White

Dia 41,5x90 cm

LN-3265-W1 White

Dia 24,2x90 cm


Dia 24,7x90 cm


Dia 24,7x90 cm

W09004 Chrome

30x11x51,5 cm

LW-3130-C1C Chrome

21,5x15x53 cm

LW-3130-W1W White

21,5x15x53 cm
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