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Spanish Furniture Manufacturer. Bedrooms, Livingrooms and Vanity Chest


Franco Furniture is a spanish furniture manufacturer since 1976 run as a family business, that is now in its second generation. FRANCO FURNITURE is specialized in the manufacturing of distinctive furnishing for dining rooms, living romos and bedrooms. We are committed to design and innovation, and since 1976 the home furnishing collections of FRANCO FURNITURE offer distinct lines, geometric shapes and quality furniture for a demanding customer. Our furniture collections are carefully created for seamless integration in the most demanding environments, offering endless possibilities through color chart, materials, upholstery and special measures.

" Create Exclusive Home Furnishings, contemporary and with a high value in DESIGN and INNOVATION, with great dedication to service to our customers. Trust Franco Furniture. REQUIREMENT, EXCLUSIVITY AND QUALITY FOR YOU. "


Trust Franco Furniture to choose your 
bedroom furniture and lounge. 


The storage kit  is universal for all models ( Enzo/ Miami /Velvet / Emporio/ Kiu - Includes Frame,  Mechanism and Bottom Panels) ,  except for Carmen.


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